Terms And Conditions

Key Points/summary
  • Is my Deposit Refundable?

No your deposit is normally not refundable, however there may be certain situations where a portion may be granted back to you. This is under the company owner ( James’s) discretion.

We advise you make sure you are happy to book with us before accepting our quote.

  • When do i pay my deposit?

Deposits are paid once the quote has been accepted and the amount required for the deposit has been calculated. The details to pay will then be given/sent over. 

The amount covers the date of booking and also the costs to carry out your move. 

The deposit amount is then taken off the total bill of the move, leaving only the remaining balance left to pay. 

There are 3 ways we do payment here at JLMTransfers

  1. a Percentage for deposit then remaining balance upon arrival ( we calculate this and inform you)
  2. half the amount for deposit half to be paid upon arrival of new property.
  3. Pay in Full before your move, so its out of the way. 
  1. Bank Transfer
  2. by Payment Link
  3. By PayPal
  4. By Invoice
  5. by credit or debit card
  6. Cash

Our Responsibilities : 

  1. To ensure that all items are carried and taken care of to the highest level of detail and any items that require fastening for transit be carried out and safely secure, prior to driving.
  2. Any issues with your items, property or otherwise, that has been discovered will be reported immediately and dealt with as soon as possible to avoid later conflicts, issues or problems.
  3. All equipment required is present to start and complete your move and is placed in a safe and non hazardous location to prevent potential injury or accidents.
  4. All the items are safe to move, safely dismantled and disconnected and to make sure any potential damages do not occur to the property or other items.  We will not move potentially dangerous items or items we are not sure about, without notifying you of this first.
  5. We will always make sure we complete the job to the best of our ability and complete every task that we have set out to do. If there is any issues or certain tasks are not possible we will advise of this. 

Your Responsibilities:

  1. To Make sure you make us aware of any items that are damaged or frail before we move them and if they are likely to break when moving.
  2. To make sure you make us aware of any difficulties or issues including any problems with access, any items you found appeared difficult to get in/out or round certain areas and any concerns at the new property.
  3.  A full list of items required to be moved & Estimated Value of all of the goods combined that are required to be moved.
  4. To notify us of any extra items or changes immediately so we can review and adjust your quote if needed to reflect your move,
  5. To make sure all of your items are 100% owned by you, we will not take items that are stolen. if they are not your items, we would need the permission from the owner of those items.
  6. To make sure if you have packed your items yourself, no sharp objects, harmful items or anything dangerous has been badly packed and that any such items are properly, wrapped, boxed and protected to prevent harm from happening.

Our Liabilities:

We will be liable for the following:

  1. Damages, that are fully caused by us to items and property.
  2. Any parking fines that are negligent on our behalf,
  3. our equipment including any vehicles we have on site,
  4. any injury or harm that occurs due to our negligence
  5. any accidents that have occured by our negligence.

Your Liabilities

You will be liable for the following

  1. The Full amount of the bill upon acceptance of the quotation and you waiver your right to pay less than this amount. 
  2. :deliberate or negligent acts to try and reduce not paying your full bill. 
  3. any contributions to damages, based on interfering, taking over, encouragement when advised against the item/s being able to go where you want them. any parking fines incurred by your instruction to park or the requirement to park somewhere in order to complete your move in which we incur charges. 
  4. Any items that are damaged before we move them or are frail, we will not be liable for and you may incurr additional charges if these items break under our care and without notification that the item could or may break in transit or being moved. we may refuse to take these items under our discretion. 
  5. waiting times you will be liable for if we are having to wait longer than what would be deemed reasonable amounts of time to wait for collection and completion of keys and final paperwork for your move. 
  6. Liable for any items that are extras and or organisation that you have not prior arranged with us to help make your move run smoothly and be able to be completed in full.
  7. Any additional Vehicles that have not been prior discussed or arranged with by us. for example if you hire a van yourself, we are not liable for that. 
  8. Any furniture, appliances or electronic equipment that has been dismantled and disconnected by you and will no longer function, go back together or work upon arrival at your new property.
  9. Any damages or injury caused to us, our property, tools by your negligence or damage from your items that has injured us in the process of your move. 
  10. Any Aggressive, Abusive, Violent or Threatening behaviour or actions taken against us, will not be tolerated.
  11. any details that you have not notified us of that could delay us in finishing your move and carrying out your move or cause potential harm to your items or injury due to of lack of information to be able to prepare.
  12. you are liable for the health and working conditions of your property. we request that your property is in a reasonable manner when we are assisting you with your move. Any poor conditions that may affect the health and work of the crew may result in additional charges being applied and could resort to your move being delayed, halted, cancelled and rearranged at extra cost once your properties conditions were able to be worked in to move you.
  13. Storage of your items – it is your responsibility to store your items and take all of your items you have requested to have us collect and deliver. We are not liable or responsible for these items to store them for you, unless we have our own storage in which a signed agreement has been made to do so. 
  14. Refusal of your items – In no way, shape or form are you allowed or permitted to refuse to take your own belongings. IT IS NOT our responsibility to store these items if you change your mind or your new property does not have room to receive them. We will make suggestions to assist with ideas to be able to take your items however at this point,  We would still require to be paid for our full services. By accepting the quote with us, you relinquish your rights to refuse full payment and frame us for failing to complete work we have attempted in every regard to complete. With all other information i have provided from this point onwards, you would have to take the items regardless and find appropriate storage for these. This is even if you felt you did not have space for them, those items are yours and thus your responsibility.  
  15. Payment- you are fully liable to pay the balance agreed. if you refuse to pay us, you accept that we have the right to take away payment options as you have broken the agreement with us and broken the trust that you originally agreed to uphold.  this would then mean if we have to withhold your items, you will be charged daily for storage fees and any other additional costs incurred to us to have to carry out in order to recover the funds and get these remaining items to you.  If you request us to come back another day, you do so at your expense and additional charges shall apply in order to arrange, supply and carry out this for you. We will still require the outstanding balance at this point  to be paid before making any further arrangements. 

WE RECOMMEND – you have your own home contents cover when planning to move. 


Our Insurance: 

GIT ( Goods In Transit Insurance) We have cover up to £50,000 for all your goods while they are in transit.


Public Liability Insurance, We are covered for up to £5 Million

Employers Liability insurance: covered for up to £10 Million



Please note all of our terms and conditions apply upon acception of our quote.